Solace of the Myth is an example of the way in which different artists understand mythology.


This exhibition will range from works of art created with traditional techniques such as watercolor or oil to digital design.


Solace of the Myth will open its doors on November 19 and 20 of 2022 in Lovers & Killers, in Brooklyn, New York.




I remember the nights when my grandmother used to lay down on my bed and told me about ancient mythological stories. These tales were full of fascinating legends, heroes, goddesses and creatures, but beyond that, I began to understand that these stories were going to be very important lessons that I would carry with me throughout my life.


These myths made me deeply reflect about aspects of life and humanity as a whole. They helped me to consider such sensitive issues as morality and death, but at the same time they taught me powerful lessons about love and strength, connecting me with the harmony of nature.

Over the years, I discovered that everything I had learned from these amazing stories helped me to understand day by day situations and important life lessons and at the same time I opened my eyes to the world of art. I understood how art defines mythology and how that mythology impacts and influences all forms of art.


Mythology not only gifted me with knowledge, but most of all, it provided infinite inspiration, enriched my imagination and influenced my creativity and work. That is why I have chosen this topic for the exhibition. 


I have an immense curiosity to see the special artworks these talented artists invited to the Solace of the Myth Exhibition have created. All these artists have been selected from my deepest admiration and respect. Hoping their unique pieces move and inspire you as much as it has impacted myself as a fellow artist.



Confirmed Artists

Ramon Maiden (Spain) @ramonmaiden

Beto (Spain) @betolandsky

Mimi Madriz (Spain) @mimi_tattoo

Gia Rose (USA) @giarosetattoo

Perchin (Colombia) @perchin_

Tony Faith (Spain) @tonyxfaith

Chris Arroyo (Mexico) @chris_arroyo_tattoo

Denis Vazios (Brazil) @denisvazios

Cesar Padrón (Argentina) @cesarpadrontattoo

Marcus (UK) @marcustattoos

Matt Truiano (USA) @matttruiano

Vale Lovette (Italy) @valelovette

Oash (Spain) @oash_tattoo

Ele (USA)

Xiaoling Li (China) @kodsuno.l

Sonrisa Rota (Spain) @sonrisarota_tattoo

Daniels Bauti (Spain) @danielsbauti

Koan (Spain) @koanworks

Lea (Spain) @lea_ht2

Willy Martin (Spain) @willy_martin

Olga Arnáiz (Spain) @unholy_goat

Cesar Zamacola (Spain) @zamacola_tattoo

Fiori Lorett (Spain) @fiori_lorett

Rodrigo Leseduarte (Spain) @rodrigo.leseduarte

Ulysses Blair (USA) @ulyss_blair

Teresa Sharpe (USA) @teresasharpeart

Filouino (Germany) @filouino

Lukas Adams (USA) @lukas.adams

Robi Pena (Switzerland) @robi_pena

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85 West Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222
+1 (347) 209 6667

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